Make a Donation

By simply donating the change in your pockets, you could make a difference in someone’s life. Not only that, you make an impact on the lives of their family as well. A little change can make a big difference!

Over the years, Sau Seng Lum has reached out to the people in need and restored hope in many lives. Thanks to benevolent donors like you, patients have access to free or affordable treatment, send children to school, have a better life and most importantly not feel deprived from society.

Help us continue our mission in making health care accessible to all especially the underprivileged. Any donation you are able to make is valuable to us and will be gratefully received.

At this moment, Sau Seng Lum is planning the development of Sau Seng Lum Special Needs School. In order to provide special education to all ethnic groups of special children in our country, SSL undertakes the mission to construct a special needs school with improved environment and professional education standard to facilitate fun learning for special needs children. Your contribution will offer a chance of education to these little angels and make tomorrow a better day for them.