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At present, there are about 1 million special needs children in our country. However, only 1% of these children are enrolled in suitable educational programmes. The remaining has no access to appropriate education due to lack of aids and insufficient awareness of education in parents and the society or families cannot afford the fees of private special needs learning centres.

Realising the challenge faced by parents in finding an appropriate special needs education centre, Sau Seng Lum is determined to establish a professional special needs school – one which integrates comprehensive rehabilitation therapy and affordable education programme with the intention that children with special needs can achieve equality in education and establish themselves in society.

Our Objectives

  • To provide information and support to the family members and community.
  • To give education and therapy intervention to the special needs children as early as possible.
  • To provide support service for normal school students that has learning disabilities.
  • To provide skills training for students who have difficulty in academic learning, enhance opportunity to be independent and contribute to community.


Early Intervention Programme
SSL Early Intervention Programme (EIP) is dedicated to providing a head start of quality therapeutic developmental experiences to children on the Autism spectrum disorder and other delayed developmental disorders.

Primary School Programme
At its core, SSL Primary School Programme forms a launching point in education that would hopefully transcend into secondary education. By keeping children involved in the programme throughout their grade school years, they will have the support they need to obtain basic education.

Secondary School Programme
SSL Secondary School Programme caters for adolescence and young adults where an individual transition plans (ITP) is developed to provide transition education and offer vocational training for students thus prepares young adults with potential to transit smoothly from the school environment to the adult work environment and integrating them into the society by matching their skills to meaningful job opportunities.

When necessary, Rehabilitation Therapy involving occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, play therapy, counseling and clinical psychology are combined with education programme as intervention for the special needs children.


The school facilities including classrooms, training rooms, consultation rooms, therapy rooms, hydrotherapy pool, play area, sensory garden and many more will be planned and designed to ensure functionality essential for facilitating school education.

We urge the public to support our efforts in order to accomplish this great ambition, to sow seeds of kindness by donating. Let's work together to support the head start work of the special needs school and by doing so we can usher these special needs children out from their sheltered world to face a brighter future.

Your donation helps us to meet our goals of providing enriched learning opportunities for special needs children. Together, we can make Sau Seng Lum International School (Special Education) a reality, to give the children an opportunity to be molded and trained, to change their lives and make tomorrow a better day for them.

For more enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service at 03-7782 4092 / 7782 7546.

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