School Progress

The Stars Shine When Love and Hope Are Present.

Your compassion is the thread of peace, thank you for your endless and genuine love for special needs children. Lend your hands to help them integrate into society, be their guardians, use your actions to lead people, and use your voice to draw support for the construction of school. Hoardings have been built surrounding the Non-profit Sau Seng Lum International School (Special Education) site which covers an area of 7 acres in Rimbayu. Presently, we are actively preparing for the piling ceremony.

We will help children gradually improve their condition through treatment and early intervention education, let them learn self-care and social skills to reintegrate into society, give them the opportunity to learn and grow, to ignite their hopes of pursuing their dreams, and also help them achieve a bright future.

We need you in this journey, and we urge the benevolent community to continue to contribute generously, so that we can jointly accomplish the school construction project.

Sau Seng Lum is grateful for your kind contribution and donation. For more information on donation or contribution of building materials, please approach our Customer Service Department. Donation can be made via crossed cheque payable to SAU SENG LUM WORLD CHILDREN CARE FOUNDATION; or bank transfer (A/C No: CIMB 8002356134).