School Progress

The stars shine when love and hope are present. Under the relentless support and cohesion of the strength and love of all our well-wishers, the ground and the first floor of the non-profit Sau Seng Lum International School (Special Education) have been completed. At this stage, the construction of the second floor is being carried out, and all the construction work is in full swing!

The non-profit Sau Seng Lum International School (Special Education) aims to improve the wellbeing of children with special needs through regular treatments and early intervention education, learning self-care and social skills so that they can be closely linked to the society.

Your compassion is a thread of peace. Sau Seng Lum is very grateful to you for cultivating the strength of all our well-wishers. We also hope that you will continue to spare no efforts to bring people together to take action and spread the construction of non-profit International School (Special Education) and to contribute more to charity work.

We need you in this journey, and we urge the benevolent community to continue to contribute generously so that we can jointly accomplish the school construction project.

You are welcome to donate for construction and materials (RM130 per unit), and support our school construction project's coupon (bricks for RM10 per piece and cement for RM25).

Sau Seng Lum is grateful for your kind contribution and donation. The donation can be made via crossed cheque payable to SAU SENG LUM WORLD CHILDREN CARE FOUNDATION; or bank transfer to A/C No: CIMB 8002356134.