School Progress

Under the relentless support of all our well-wishers, the construction of the one-stop non-profit Sau Seng Lum International School (Special Education) is now in full swing and has progressed to the fifth floor. Currently, the roof beams are being installed, and the painting works, sewage system works and bricklaying of the perimeter walls have also started.

At the same time, we are also raising funds for paving the road of the school. We sincerely hope our well-wishers and benevolent philanthropists will continue to spread the news to your friends through actions and words, and spare no efforts to propagate to others to join us in accomplishing the school construction project.

Thank you for walking together with us hand-in-hand on the path of compassion, and working together to support and accomplish this great charity endeavour. Your compassion and kindness spur infinite and endless power for yourself and the lives of all special needs children, ignite the flame in their hearts, and revive their lives.

We are deeply grateful for your contributions. Let us continue to lead children with special needs out of the dark corners of society and allow them to overcome their countless obstacles through rehabilitation treatment, education, and training.

You are welcome to donate for construction and materials (RM130 per package), road paving (RM200 per package) and support our school construction project's coupon (bricks for RM10 per piece and cement for RM25). We also look forward to your donation of pillars and air conditioners.

Sau Seng Lum is grateful for your kind contribution and donation. The donation can be made via crossed cheque payable to SAU SENG LUM WORLD CHILDREN CARE FOUNDATION; or bank transfer to A/C No: CIMB 8002356134.