Special Needs Programme


Sau Seng Lum Special Needs Programme has been designed to help special needs children to reach their developmental milestones. The programme provides appropriate educational content and living skills training in order for special needs students to lead an independent and self-reliant life that would enable them to integrate into the society. 

Sau Seng Lum Special Needs Programme utilizes a modified Cambridge curriculum that are divided into different levels to meet the individual learning needs of students in order to maximize their performances. Apart from educational interventions, the programme incorporates therapy based activities that pays attention to the development and refinement of essential pre requite skills that fosters learning.

With their tireless and continuous efforts, Sau Seng Lum hopes to create a platform for children with disabilities to discover their self worth and reach their fullest potentials thus creating a brighter future for them.

Since its launch in 2014, Sau Seng Lum Special Needs Programme has witness many success stories through the achievements of their students. Most students who have attended the programme have shown great improvements in their learning acquisition but their biggest breakthrough is seen in their ability to adapt in whole group learning.

Features of the programme:

  • Modified UK based curriculum
  • Small teachers to students ratio per class
  • Interactive lessons using smartboard technology
  • Parent support group programme
  • Parent-teachers progress review


Classroom Activities:

  • Art and Craft –Theme based art and craft activities to bring out creativity among students.
  • General Classroom Teaching – Teaching of academic subjects such as English Language, Bahasa Malaysia, Math and Science.
  • Gross Motor Skill Activities – Develop underlying skills necessary to support whole body such as balance and coordination, strength and endurance, attention and alertness.
  • Fine Motor Skill Activities – Develop refined use of the small muscles which control the hand and fingers.
  • ICT – The use of smartboard technology to enhance learning through interactive lessons, games and demonstration.
  • Theme Based Learning – A variety content of activities is arranged every month with different themes.
  • Prevocational & Living Skill Activities –Foster independence skills in areas such as housekeeping chores, grooming and personal care, food preparation, shopping and transportation. Students have learned to make a variety of food items for charity sales including muffins, biscuits, fruit tarts and sandwiches. All money raised from the charity sales were used to purchase teaching materials and for school building fund.

Fun and Educational Annual Holiday Programme:

  • The annual holiday programme includes baking, art and crafts, music performance and other activities and competitions that allows families to spend unforgettable quality time together.
  • Other than indoor activities, there are also special arrangements for outdoor theme-based learning or excursion, to create more opportunities for special needs students to explore the world outside and to develop essential community living skills such as grocery shopping, use of public transportation and visits to indoor playgrounds and recreational parks.
  • An Award Ceremony is held at the end of the holiday programme to recognize academic achievement and special talents among students throughout the year.

Additional programme available with affiliated service providers:

  • Swimming
  • Music Therapy
  • Art & Craft


Please call us at (603) 58829181 for more information.