Past Events

In order to enhance nurses’ skills in the application of CPR through regular simulated drills, SSL Haemodialysis Welfare Foundation conducted training for nurses, including CPR techniques and mastering the use of automated external defibrillators.

During the training, it was emphasized that CPR can provide immediate emergency treatment to patients to avoid heart failure, hypoxia, or death.

Rev. Chang Heng said that life is in between breathing. In the absence of doctors, the nurses need to safeguard the lives of their patients. Therefore, as long as every nurse can master the first aid skill, they can play the role of guardian of life in different time and scenarios.

“Learning CPR is very important for medical personnel, because during the process of saving lives, every minute and every second counts. CPR is also an important part of the life-saving chain. It can be used to rescue people who have fallen in emergencies and get prime time for patients to obtain appropriate assistance, which can greatly increase the chance of continuation of life.”

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CPR Training