Past Events

In order to enable nurses to master the skills of stretcher lifts, SSL Haemodialysis Welfare Foundation conducted a stretcher training talk to allow nurses to personally experience being lifted in a stretcher and to focus on stretcher handling skills.

This skill is very important to the nurses in the centre because it can improve rescue time for the patient. Different lifting scenarios were covered so that all participating nurses can follow rescue guidelines strictly and master the whole process.

Stretching and handling of stretchers is an indispensable part of emergency care. However, it is not just a matter of having a stretcher for carrying patients and assigned a few people to carry out the job. This is not a simple physical task and needs to be carried out in the most appropriate manner.

Rev. Chang Heng stressed that the nurses of SSL often attend training to enhance the overall knowledge. When an emergency occurs, nurses must race against time to perform and execute tasks. For every second of quick action, pain is reduced and chances of life saving increases.

Rev. Chang Heng believes that the nurses in dialysis centre have been trained to not only enhance their handling skills but, more importantly, to increase their awareness of safe handling, and also to strive to prevent the occurrence of adverse consequences.

For more photos from the event, please visit: Stretcher Training


Stretcher Training