Past Events

On International Nurses Day, nurses from SSL (PJ) Haemodialysis Centre were entertained by a video with heartfelt messages from colleagues of other departments as they pledged to care for the patients’ wellbeing.

Rev. Chang Heng encouraged the nurses to continue their good effort in assisting patients with enthusiasm, attentiveness, practice cross-disciplinary teamwork, so that they can obtain professional knowledge and provide humane care. This ultimately will achieve a harmonious nurse-patient relationship.

Rev. Chang Heng believes that nurses are spiritual comforters and caregivers who stand in the front line. They are trustworthy to patients, and they have great influence on the patients’ physical bodies, minds, emotions etc.

“Nurses need to live up to their learning, also treat each patient with love, patience, care and responsibility. Besides, nurses should never stop learning and upgrade their knowledge in order to enrich themselves and improve their professional quality in order to ensure the safety and quality of nursing care, ensuring the greatest contribution to your position.”

The nurses in SSL train regularly to strengthen their skills and work hard to improve the quality of service, not only to establish a more  improved long-term outcome, but also to promote service towards more scientific, institutionalization and standardization oriented.

Rev. Chang Heng encouraged nurses to continue their effort, to look at the problem in the eyes of the patient, consider the problem through the patient’s heart. Through this, a warm, harmonious, mutual-trust and mutual-respect relationship between the patients and the nurses can be created.

For more photos from the event, please visit: Nurses’ Day Celebration at Petaling Jaya


Nurses’ Day Celebration at Petaling Jaya