Past Events

In conjunction with the International Nurses Day, nurses from SSL (Puchong) Dialysis and Stroke Rehabilitation Centre gather together to celebrate the meaningful day.

Rev. Chang Heng thanked all nurses for caring for the patients’ bodies and minds. She also thanked all the nurses for their dedication to the patients, including their joint efforts to create a warm and harmonious environment for the patients.

“For more than 20 years, we have provided dialysis services to patients of all ethnics. We are grateful to the nurses for the care, empathy and love for the patients, regardless of their race or religion. With kind and caring eyes, their actions bring warmth and happiness to patients, thus nurses have earned their social recognition and respect.”

Rev. Chang Heng praised nurses who strengthen their comprehensive qualities through various kinds of training, while constantly upgrading themselves to provide high-quality services to the patients. This includes educating patients to reduce complications.

Rev. Chang Heng said that nurses should maintain good teamwork, sincerity and openness to learn from each other, also to acquire more knowledge and techniques from other medical professionals and specialists both domestic and abroad. Then the team is able to provide better environmental conditions for patients, and bring more warmth and harmony to society with compassion and caring heart.

“Nurses use their abilities to perform their tasks from the very first day of contact with kidney patients, including focusing on the overall needs of the patient, caring for the patient and caring for the family, also working in teams across a wide range of medical fields to assist the patient.

For more photos from the event, please visit: Nurses’ Day Celebration At Puchong


Nurses’ Day Celebration At Puchong