Past Events

The sales of fruit juice activity launched by SSL Special Needs Programme received enthusiastic response. Under the guidance of their teachers, the children have performed their tasks in an orderly manner.

Although it is a simulation activity, teachers used detailed guidelines to allow children to learn to accept orders and prepare the variety of fruit juices. This shows that as long as there is guidance, love and patience, special needs children can also have the ability to learn.

From washing, cutting and blending the fruits, the children learned the names of the fruits, strengthened their fine motor skills to perform various kitchen tasks, and learned to use kitchen utensils and appliances.

While one student is learning and performing tasks, other students learn by observing and demonstrating. Students performed the tasks in turns. Teachers also selected students who have mastered specific tasks to demonstrate skills to the peers.

For more photos from the event, please visit: Sales of Fruit Juice by Special Needs Programme Students

Sales of Fruit Juice by Special Needs Programme Students