Past Events

On Monday morning, the smell of the fragrance of food emitted from one of the special needs children’s classroom. Wondered if there were students snacking during the class?  When walked into that classroom, only realised and discovered that parents and their special children were baking together, some of them were mixing the powder, some of them were making the dough, some of them were cutting fruits, some of them were full of creativity and cut the bread into the shape of Mickey Mouse, the food looked truly delicious and appealing.

The teachers shared that besides the teachings, the special needs children requires care and needs to spend more time with their parents. In order to encourage the parents to involve actively in the learning process of the children and growing up with them, the teachers decided to conduct this baking session, using the opportunity to improve the relationship between the parents and the special children.

Special children were allowed to use the utensils under the care and supervision of their mothers. However, it was discovered during the session that the special needs children were independent and capable enough under the guidance of their teachers. Even without the supervision of their parents, they were able to complete their tasks on their own.

When the dishes were served, this has also proved that the special needs children had attained improvements day after day. This not only pleased the teachers but also touched the hearts of the parents. The parents left and went home with a joyful feeling after the end of the session.

For more photos from the event, please visit: Baking Session by Special Needs Programme Students


14-12-2018 Baking Session by Special Needs Programme Students