Past Events

The original meaning of offering angpao symbolises a blessing from the elder person to the younger generation to have an auspicious and peaceful year; and here Sau Seng Lum has given another new meaning of giving angpao: offering.

On Sunday morning, about hundred of Sau Seng Lum’s members gathered at the temple, holding a big basket full of angpao, and prepared to offer them to about 200 patients and their children at Sau Seng Lum Haemodialysis Centre. They personally offered the angpao to them, and reminded them that life is still full of hope and the world is filled with love.

Some other members rushed over to participate almost at the end of the event as they were involved in bad traffic congestion due to road works were being carried out nearby the temple. However, they still insisted in attending the event, and this was truly heart moving.

The abbot, Reverend Chang Heng urged all to express gratitude to the donors and make offerings with compassion to those who are in need. She also advised the patients to take good care of their health, follow strictly on the course of treatment and not to give up hope.

For more photos from the event, please visit: Sau Seng Lum Spring Festival Ang Pao Offering


17-02-2019 Sau Seng Lum Spring Festival Ang Pao Offering