Past Events

“The power of aspiration is unbelievably amazing, it is because of the collective aspiration of all, that realised the plan of building a school for special children, to bring hope to those who are less fortunate.”This was applauded by the audience once it was said by Reverend Chang Heng during the opening of the gala charity dinner, which was entitled “Boundless Blessings, Great Perfection ".

During the evening of the event, Selangor State Executive Council YB Ng Sze Han, Bukit Gasing District State Council YB Rajiv and Kajang District State Council YB Hee Loy Sian were invited to witness this meaningful charity event, and enjoying the performances together with the members of Sau Seng Lum. Among the performances were lion dance, waltz dance, magic performance and Sichuan mask performance by FINGERSTAR, performance by live band, and others by the local artists.

The gala dinner was hosted by the God of Wealth played by Chai Wei Tang and completed the auspicious grand toss of yee sang by thousand people. All participants received an apple from Reverend Chang Heng at the end of the event as it symbolises peace and auspiciousness.

For more photos from the event, please visit: Boundless Blessings Great Perfection Charity Dinner


17-02-2019 Boundless Blessings Great Perfection Charity Dinner