Past Events

The Trustees of JCKL Charitable Foundation Registered of the Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur donated a dialysis machine to Sau Seng Lum which was graciously accepted by the Vice President, Mr. Wong Peng Wah on behalf of the dialysis centre.

During the donation presentation ceremony, he expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the JCKL Charitable Foundation and its members and thanked the Foundation for providing support to the dialysis centre for more than ten years.

Since the establishment of Sau Seng Lum Haemodialysis Centre, it has provided medical benefits for many disadvantaged groups in the society, especially those who are poor, old and unable to take care of themselves. However, the centre often faces issue of overcrowding and has to put patient onto waiting list. In order to tackle this problem, more equipment are required. Therefore, Mr. Wong praised the JCKL Charitable Foundation for their benevolent effort.

Mr. Wong also explained the operation of the haemodialysis centre. He said that the centre aimed to provide high-quality medical services for patients who suffers from kidney disease. Therefore, they will ensure all medical equipment is in good condition and safe for patient’s use.

Representatives of the JCKL Charitable Foundation also visited the dialysis centre to observe the operation, greet the medical team and the dialysis patients. Before leaving, the members vowed to continue its support to Sau Seng Lum haemodialysis centre in the future, and to be dedicated to the society.

For more photos from the event, please visit: Donation of Dialysis Machine by The Japan Club of KL


16-04-2019 Donation of Dialysis Machine by The Japan Club of KL