Past Events

During the recovery period, stroke individuals may have difficulties to walk and some may be yet to gain back their speech ability. Under such conditions, can they still go to the mall?

At Sau Seng Lum, we support the stroke individuals and help them to realize this impossible mission. It is Sau Seng Lum's mission to give hope to the others.

Therefore, the General Rehabilitation Department (Puchong) initiated the activity to bring stroke patients to IOI shopping Mall for them to socialize with the public, in order to build their self confidence. They were accompanied by the centre’s therapists, volunteers and caregivers.

At the mall, they preserve despite needing to walk a long path. Although they walked slowly and required some assistance, but they insisted to walk independently. Their perseverance and strong will is highly commended.

At the end of the session, the stroke individuals had lunch together while sharing their own experiences and feelings. A volunteer who was also a stroke patient shared his experience on how he recovered from his paralysis to obtain a driving license and became a driver in the end. His sharing inspired the other participants with much hope and confidence. They believe that if they do not give up, they too can recover swiftly and return to a normal life.

For more photos from the event, please visit: Happy Outing Day


22-04-2019 Happy Outing Day