Past Events

The new members of the "Japanese Women's Association (Katorea-Kai)" recently visited SSL (PJ) Haemodialysis Centre, which has been in PJ Old Town for 25 years delivering hope to countless patients with kidney disease.

Mr. Wong Peng Wah, the Vice President of Yayasan Kebajikan SSL Haemodialysis, accompanied the group to visit the centre to understand the dialysis treatment process for patients with kidney disease.

Mr. Wong said that both Sau Seng Lum haemodialysis centres in PJ Old Town and Puchong not only provide dialysis treatment services for nearly 200 kidney failure patients from various races but also educate them to practice a healthy lifestyle in daily life, because even if they are suffering from kidney failure, life can still be meaningful.

“Their higher quality of life will eventually bring a more positive impact on the lives of loved ones and friends around. Therefore, we educate and assist patients with kidney disease to establish a correct vision of life through words, posters, health talks, forums, etc. We also encourage them to take a healthy diet, practicing a healthy lifestyle, and even spiritual or emotional aspects.”

Wong Peng Wah is also grateful for the care given by the Katarea-Kai in the past 20 years, as well as supports and efforts. He said that these assistances indeed provide great help for many patients with kidney disease seeking high quality and affordable dialysis treatment.

For more photos from the event, please visit: Visitation by the New Committee Members of Katorea-Kai


18-07-2019 Visitation by the New Committee Members of Katorea-Kai