Past Events

In order to achieve the objective of attaining independence, the teachers in Sau Seng Lum Special Needs Programme have included vocational training to enable the special needs children to learn some crafts that will enable them to look after themselves without creating a burden or worry for their parents.

Mr Wong Peng Wah, the Vice President of Sau Seng Lum says, education can change the life of a child. In addition to the teaching, parental care and love are also important to the development of a child. He therefore urges the parents to allow their special needs children to receive proper education and to participate actively in their education so that their children will not be lonesome in their life journey.

The vocational training involved the teachers and the parents teaching the special children to make sandwiches. At the start, the teacher guided the children to identify the materials required in making the sandwiches, i.e. toast, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. In the process, the children learned to remember the names of each of the materials correctly, cutting the tomatoes correctly, etc.

These steps may look easy yet it took the special needs children great efforts and time to accomplish. In addition to overcoming learning difficulties / disabilities, they also need to overcome other difficulties / obstacles including inability to concentrate and etc. When the need arises, the teacher may hold the child’s hand to teach him to make the sandwiches step by step.

In the process, not all the special needs children were able to complete the task, most of them still require the teacher’s assistance, but there were some who were able to complete the task demonstrating the fruits of their learning that brought joys to the teacher and their parents.

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19-03-2019 Sales of Sandwiches By Special Needs Programme Students