Past Events

In the early morning, students of the Sau Seng Lum Special Needs Programme prepared potatoes fries, packed and delivered to buyers to raise funds for Sau Seng Lum International School.

With little help from teachers, the students washed, peeled, cut and fried the potatoes. Some students were unable to use the knives properly due to the physical limitations. However, with assistance from the teachers, they completed the task smoothly, and gave their best effort for the fundraising.

Although it was a fundraising event, the other aims were to encourage the students, equip them with skills and building their self-confidence and courage to beat their own obstacles. It is hoped that when the children grow up, they will not give up on themselves, but rely on their own ability to survive. This is not only one of the teaching directions of the special needs programme, but also the greatest wish of their parents.

At present, the Special Needs Programme can only accept a limited number of students due to space constraint. Therefore, in order to help more special needs children to receive quality special education, Sau Seng Lum has started the non-profit Sau Seng Lum International School (Special Education) project. Since the construction started in 2016, the project has been in full swing and is expected to be completed in 2020, bringing benefits to more impoverished special needs children. In the interim, the Special Needs Programme will continue to provide quality education for special needs children with diversified teaching materials and methods.


For more photos from the event, please visit: Sales of Potatoes Fries by Special Needs Programme Students


19-06-2019 Sales of Potatoes Fries by Special Needs Programme Students