Past Events

In order to help nurses to strengthen the mastery and application of CPR, Yayasan Kebajikan SSL Haemodialysis provided a refresher course for nurses, including their proficiency in CPR procedures and mastering the use of AED. The nurses took turn to demonstrate and practice during the course.

The speaker emphasized that CPR can be used immediately in the event of an emergency, preventing heart failure, brain hypoxia, or death.

During the practices, Vice President Mr. Wong has encouraged the nurses by commenting that life lies in breathing, hence the nurses need to better protect the lives of the kidney patients in the absence of doctors at the dialysis centres.

Mr. Wong stressed that the process of saving lives is a race against time and that CPR is an important link in the rescue chain that can greatly improves the chance of survival.

For more photos from the event, please visit: CPR & AED Refresher Course for SSL Dialysis Nurses (PJ)


CPR & AED Refresher Course for SSL Dialysis Nurses (PJ)