Past Events

To promote communication amongst parents of special needs children and also to promote a stronger mutual support network among parents, the Sau Seng Lum Paediatric Rehabilitation Department carried out an interesting expressive art activity with the theme of "Art Attack".

Many parents were seen holding their children's hands while designing the unique mask and patiently painting it. Their children were happily designing their works.

When the family presented their masks, the children's simple colour matching won the judge's heart unexpectedly. Afterwards, all the children put on the mask and showcased them on the catwalk. The scene was in full joy and the works presenting the uniqueness of the children were also well praised.

Besides, to exercise children's manual skills and let them experience and enjoy the sense of accomplishment, most parents assigned the task of paper-cutting to their children after they have finished colouring, and trained them to complete their work step by step.

For more photos from the event, please visit: (Part 2) “Art Attack” Paediatric Support Group Programme


(Part 2) “Art Attack” Paediatric Support Group Programme