Past Events

To enable special needs students to develop and show their practical ability, the SSL Special Needs Programme recently organized an Art & Craft Competition. The students complete their artworks together with their parents in a joyful atmosphere.

It was touching to witness the interaction between parents and children and deep affections between the siblings. Besides parents, their siblings were also present to assist. They showed great patience throughout the process, taking care of their brother or sister with special needs.

Some students completed the artwork gradually with the encouragement and accompaniment of their parents. Some of them focused on decoration, embellishment or colouring, while others assembled the materials processed by the parents in advance into an attractive model. One of them even prepared a sample, and simply by repainting it created a better final work with colours!

For more photos from the event, please visit: Art & Craft Competition by SSL Special Needs Programme


Art & Craft Competition by SSL Special Needs Programme