Past Events

The Sau Seng Lum Special Needs Programme organized a joyful "Musical Presentation" to encourage special students, accompanied by music teacher and family members, to present individual and group musical performances. The event was truly enjoyable.

In addition to the students’ performances, the event also involved the participation of parents. Regardless of the child's performance, there were cheers and applause at the end of each performance, giving the children a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

The piano performance part was the most surprising. Each student has his or her way of playing the piano. One of them used only the index finger of both hands to play, one of them blew air into the palm to create a "magic effect" every time she completed a piece, while the other student performed along with his mother.

Another student's performance was impressive as he kept his eyes on the music score while his hands were on the keyboard to produce a complete a beautiful tune.

A joyous musical presentation, we can see the confidence in the special needs students as they showed their talents

For more photos from the event, please visit: Musical Presentation by the SSL Special Needs Programme Students


Musical Presentation by the SSL Special Needs Programme Students