Past Events

The Sau Seng Lum Special Needs Programme held a baking competition in which special needs students successfully made a variety of cakes and delicacies with the help of their parents.

During the event, the efforts of parents and siblings were impressive, and the special needs students also showed full concentration and patience under positive support.

The students made pastries, sandwiches, fruit salads, fruit doughnuts and so on, and they spent quality time together with their parents throughout the process from preparation to production and completion.

At the event, most parents assisted their children, involving the children in different steps of food preparation, and exercised their practical ability.

The achievement of these special needs students during the event is the outcome of the long-term special education programme. Some of them had almost no learning ability when they first enrolled in the class, but the teachers did their best and finally guided them to step by step to acquire independence and self-care

For more photos from the event, please visit: Special Needs Programme Baking Competition


Special Needs Programme Baking Competition