Past Events

In conjunction with Lunar New Year (the Year of the Tiger), Sau Seng Lum Special Needs Programme (SNP) aims to develop the creativity and nurture artistic talents of the students through "Tiger Mask" art & craft activity.

Students followed the instructions written on the whiteboard, step-by-step, and independently created the particular art & craft. Under the constant encouragement and guidance of the teachers, the special needs students concentrated on using crayons, colour pencils, and other painting tools to fill in the colour of their tiger masks.

In addition to making tiger masks, the teachers also designed various fun sessions so that students could have a better understanding of the "Tiger", one of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. The students wore their majestic tiger masks or hung them like necklaces in front of their chest and happily participated in singing, games, and other activities.

Sau Seng Lum Special Needs Programme was launched in February 2014, providing appropriate teaching, life and skills training for children with special needs in separate classes. Over the years, the teachers have adjusted their teaching methods to make the best arrangement and learning experience for students.
The teaching methods are also very suitable to meet the needs of special students, allowing them to be more integrated into the activities and obtain a complete learning experience. These special needs students deserve to be treated gently and learn without obstruction or interference so that they can improve the learning effect through adaptive education.

For more photos from the event, please visit: Sau Seng Lum SNP Students Make Tiger Mask


Sau Seng Lum SNP Students Make Tiger Mask