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Every child will go through puberty,special needs children are without exception. In addition to physical changes, there will be some problems in behaviour, emotion, and cognition. There are also some problems that are not in line with social norms and values due to difficulties in expression. This coupled with the lack of understanding of people around, brings great distress to the parents.

Sau Seng Lum World Children Care Foundation held a webinar with the theme of "Managing Puberty in Children with Special Needs: Part 1 - What to Expect during Puberty?" and invited Mdm Nur Atiqah binti Azman, Paediatric Occupational Therapist & Lecturer of Paediatric OT, from Perdana University (School of Occupational Therapy), to explain the development of special needs children during puberty, including physical and psychological changes.

Mdm Nur Atiqah encouraged parents to pay attention to their children's self-recognition process including the changes and development that they will experience before and during puberty.

She said that teaching children to recognize the differences between male and female, physical development and changes, social norms, and the distance required between different genders are things that parents need to pay more attention. Also, certain training for boys is only suitable to be carried out by the fathers, likewise certain training for girls are conducted by the mothers.

"Bear in mind that how you want your child to be in society, depends on how you educate them at home”.

For more photos from the event, please visit: Webinar on "Managing Puberty in Children with Special Needs"


Webinar on "Managing Puberty in Children with Special Needs"