Past Events

In year 2000, Sau Seng Lum (PJ) Haemodialysis Centre has helped its first dialysis patient to successfully undergo a kidney transplant. Since then, the centre’s assistance in kidney transplant has been continuously recorded, and the 9th kidney transplant was also successfully completed on 15th October 15 2020, to allow the patient a chance of healthy life.

The 35-year-old Mr. Ang Kiew Yuan was suddenly afflicted with kidney failure at the age of 21. His doctor was also uncertain about his unexpected and asymptomatic condition.

Everything that happened suddenly disrupted his life plan. Fortunately, he chose to face it and began his 14 years of haemodialysis treatment at Sau Seng Lum (PJ) Haemodialysis Centre in the same year.

“I try to keep my life as busy as possible so that I don't have time for foolish thoughts. I’ve been doing dialysis for a long time, I am used to it. I am very grateful to have many good friends around me who make my life more meaningful, positive, and wonderful.”

Mr. Ang is grateful to all the nurses at Sau Seng Lum (PJ) Haemodialysis Centre, and also thankful for the support and assistance provided to patients with kidney disease by the great society. With their good deeds, more needy patients with kidney disease can get substantial help and a hope of life.

Mr. Wong Peng Wah, the Vice President of Yayasan Kebajikan SSL Haemodialysis, said that apart from the joint efforts of all the medical staffs, the cooperation of the dialysis patients themselves is also needed. He commented that Mr. Ang not only obeyed and followed the instructions of the medical staffs but also paid close attention to his health conditions, which enable him to successfully undergo the kidney transplant and be free from the agony of haemodialysis.


Inspiring Kidney Transplant Success Story