Past Events

Sau Seng Lum World Children Care Foundation held a webinar with the theme of "Managing Puberty in Children with Special Needs: Part 2 – Sexual Behaviours and Psychosocial Issues during Puberty" and invited Dr. Padma binti A. Rahman, lecturer from UiTM (Centre of Occupational Therapy), to explain the development of special needs children during puberty, including physical and psychological changes.

This webinar was aimed to unravel various myths about puberty in special needs children. Puberty has nothing to do with IQ or social ability because sex hormones are naturally produced in the body and bring various subsequent developments when a child reaches puberty.

By untangling the myths about puberty in special needs children, it is possible to encourage the community not to ignore or neglect their emotional instability, irritability, anxiety, and other situation during puberty due to their conditions.

Parents may worry and be concerned that the messages cannot get through to their children, but knowledge is always power. What a child never learns can hurt them more than trying to understand a difficult concept!

Due to their conditions, children with special needs require repetitive instruction and training. In addition to self-care and self-reliance, training them in matters related to "sex" is also a critical issue, including sexual and social orientation, seeking help, etc.

Without proper education, they may inadvertently assault others when grown-up because they don't understand the limits of actions. Besides, since they don't know how to distinguish between boundaries and safety, they might not be able to protect themselves and be sexually assaulted or abused by others. To prevent this, they need to be trained repetitively with patience and love.

2020-12-05 2nd Webinar on "Managing Puberty in Children with Special Needs"