Past Events

In year 2000, SauSengLum (PJ) Haemodialysis Centre has helped its first dialysis patient to successfully undergo a kidney transplant. Since then, the centre’s role in kidney transplant has been continuously recorded, and the 10th kidney transplant was also completed at the end of 2020 allowing the patient a chance of healthy life and spending more quality time with his family while regaining a career.

MakKein Sang, 49, was diagnosed with early kidney failure in 2016, but he did not expect it to deteriorate to the point where haemodialysis treatment was required within 2 years. This caused indescribable damage to his life and career. Despite being feeling drained, he has a particularly strong and profound realisation of the importance of health.

He worked very hard when he was young, engaged in two jobs with only three or four hours of sleep a day. Irregular diet and abnormal lifestyle have caused a significant impact on his health. He suffered from high blood pressure in 2000. He believes that chronic high blood pressure may have led to his kidney failure.

Recalling the days when he received haemodialysis treatment at SauSengLum (Puchong) Haemodialysis Centre, MakKein Sang praised the kindness, patience, love, and care given to patients by the nurses in the centre, and for always reminding, educating, and inculcating them the concept of proper diet, living, and self-care.

The high-quality haemodialysis treatment, the professional integration of humane and kind services, inspired him to successfully practise self-health management, to ensure his body would be in the ideal condition for kidney transplantation at any time so that he could successfully regain his second life.

Mr. Wong PengWah, the Vice President of YayasanKebajikan SSL Haemodialysis, said that part of the reason MakKein Sang was able to have his kidney transplantation was that the SauSengLum Haemodialysis Centre worked hard to help each kidney patient obtain high-quality and low-cost medical services. Through the joint efforts of all the medical staffs and the cooperation of the dialysis patients themselves, it is possible to help them to successfully undergo kidney transplantation in our country over and again, and be free from the agony of haemodialysis.


Inspiring Kidney Transplant Success Story