Past Events

Sau Seng Lum Special Needs Programme recently held a prevocational activity, and 14 students participated in this meal preparation (mushroom soup with toast) activity. They have completed all steps independently according to the recipes and enjoyed the mushroom soup and toast prepared by themselves.

In previous prevocational activities, the teachers have always trained the students through 1-to-1 supervision and guidance, allowing them to learn to prepare various beverages and foods. After performing many kitchen tasks and learning to use kitchen utensils and electrical appliances, the students were able to use them independently to prepare food according to the steps taught in the recipes.

The founder of the non-profit Sau Seng Lum International School (Special Education), Rev. Chang Heng, said that the Special Needs Programme proved the teaching results over the years. Through intensive intervention and adequate learning opportunities, most special education students will be able to cope with daily life with their survival skills. This event once again proves that with loving and patient guidance, they are also capable of learning.

Rev. Chang Heng hopes that by teaching the abilities needed for life, special education students will be able to apply various life skills in their daily life and no longer rely entirely on others for assistance in everything. Instead, they can develop the ability to take care of themselves and pursue their dreams independently, and become the most reliable helper in their own life.

“The prevocational activities serve as an elementary stage where special education students are given a choice to explore their interests which they could pursue in the future. Our special education team focuses on building practical skills rather than scholarly knowledge. We believe that skill-based training would further help special needs children integrate into society by increasing their chances of employability.”

Interaction among lives can stimulate a lot of possibilities. Our special education teachers have always tried to reach into the students' world through interaction, so their lives shine brilliantly and become more active.

For more photos from the event, please visit: SNP Students Prepare Delicious Mushroom Soup and Toast


SNP Students Prepare Delicious Mushroom Soup and Toast